Chris is exploring the intersections of music, dream work, spiritualism, and mediation in his solo playing. It’s an immersive listening experience that many have described as transportive and deeply healing.

Subscription Series

Chris is now releasing music once per week through his Bandcamp Subscription Series.

Subscribers to the series receive a brand new track once per week, in addition to immediate and exclusive access to the full archive of music from since the series began (as of March 2021, about 40 pieces of otherwise unreleased music), his first 3 albums, and extras like exclusive videos, free live stream concerts, and more.

You can subscribe to the series at

journeys vol. 1

Due out February 18, 2022, journeys vol. 1 is compiled from dozens of solo pieces that Dingman has recorded throughout the pandemic, though it began before then. In 2019 he began sharing monthly tracks with his newsletter subscribers. The project turned into a weekly Bandcamp subscription series after the pandemic hit and other performance opportunities disappeared. To help choose the five tracks that comprise the album, Dingman solicited votes from his subscribers.

Over 60 tracks are now available for subscribers on Bandcamp