The Subliminal and the Sublime


From the giant redwoods of California to the smallest ripples in water, our place and purpose in the universe is often illuminated by our awareness of the natural world.  In his stunning five-part suite The Subliminal and the The Sublime, genre-defying composer/vibraphonist Chris Dingman elegantly captures these profound and subtle wonders of nature, ultimately guiding the listener to reflect on the cosmos and their place within it.

The Subliminal and the Sublime was commissioned by Chamber Music America and the Doris Duke Foundation. 

Now Available on the Inner Arts label.

Now Available

JazzTimes Editor’s Pick

“a work of large ambition and impressive realization”

“The results are as evocative as you might hope.”
Los Angeles Times

Logo_of_AllMusic stand-4.5stars_1_1“purely and simply, a magnificent album” / iTunes

Downbeat_redEditor’s Pick

“Sublime is exactly that—perfectly paced, beautifully performed.”

“Dingman successively conjures a natural world, an airy, cerebrally exciting marvel of a place that rewards with multiple listens… Dingman’s suite has much in common thematically with the vivid Americana of Aaron Copland and equally ambitious through-composed music of Pat Metheny and cyclical works of Steve Reich.”
NYC Jazz Record

“a special experience for the listener”
Sequenza 21

“Truly one of the year’s finest recordings in any genre”
All About Jazz

“unfolding like a story in a gorgeous legato arc… a sonic gem.”

“an ‘aural feast’ to be savored. Sit down with a fine set of quality headphones and allow yourself to be immersed in Mr. Dingman’s images. You will be renewed.”
Huffington Post

“there is something otherworldly, mysterious, almost numinous about Dingman’s approach that make his second release as leader one of the freshest and most unusual sounds to reach these ears this year… wherever he finds his sound, what is striking is its utter originality.”
Irish Times

“Chris Dingman channels his inner John Muir in this beautiful through-composed work.”
Electronic Musician

JazzTimes Editor’s Pick

“a work of large ambition and impressive realization… meticulously assembled in the service of deep emotion. For Dingman, phenomena of the natural world, like crumbling landscapes in Pinnacles National Park, are personal. So are circles of new redwoods that grow from the roots of deceased redwood trees. His achievement, through music, is to make those natural mysteries and renewals personal for us all.”

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The Subliminal and the Sublime is based on the concept that, under the surface of our apparent reality, there are subliminal layers of patterns, detail and depth. When we look at these layers more closely, we have the opportunity to discover sublime truths about our world and ourselves.”

Chris Dingman, 2015


Loren Stillman alto saxophone

Fabian Almazan piano

Ryan Ferreira guitar

Linda Oh bass

Justin Brown drums

Chris Dingman vibraphone