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Chris Dingman: Journeys Spring Tour 2022

Chris will be touring around the release of his new solo album journeys vol. 1


Apr 8 New York City, NY: The Jazz Gallery Ticket link
Apr 14 Cleveland, OH : BOP STOP Ticket link
Apr 15 Columbus, OH: Midday Garden Concert
Apr 15 Lexington, KY: Tomorrow is Hear concert series at Base249
Apr 18-19 Appleton, WI: Lawrence University
Apr 20 Bloomington, IN : Call and Response Series at Blockhouse Bar
Apr 21 Chicago, IL : Constellation Ticket link
Apr 22 Madison, WI : Arts + Literature Lab Ticket link
Apr 23 Iowa City, IA : Feed Me Weird Things series at Trumpet Blossom Cafe Ticket link
Apr 24 St Louis, MO: House Concert


This tour is supported by the Jazz Road grant from South Arts. Jazz Road is a national initiative of South Arts, which is funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation with additional support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Florida Tour February 2022

Celebrating the release of journeys vol. 1 and the music of Embrace

Feb 18: Improvisation Workshop at S. Florida Center for Percussive Arts
Feb 19: Solo at S. Florida Center for Percussive Arts
Feb 21-22: Trio at Lagniappe House

Feb 24: Solo at University of Central Florida
Feb 25: Solo at Sat Nam Wellness

Feb 26: Trio at Fogartyville Media and Arts Center

St. Petersburg
Feb 27: Trio at Palladium Theater for the St. Petersburg Jazz Festival

Chris Dingman – vibes
Carlo De Rosa – bass
Rodolfo Zuniga – drums

Weekly Music Series Launches on Bandcamp

Chris has launched a brand new series on Bandcamp, recording and releasing one piece of music every week for subscribers !

Subscribe at

Subscriptions include a new track every week, plus all previous weeks and 10 unreleased tracks from before the series began, and access to most of Chris’s back catalog including his first 3 full-length studio albums. This music is available for subscribers to stream on the Bandcamp site or app, or as CD-quality downloads, or mp3s.

Reimagine Festival August 18-22

In celebration of the release of the five-hour album Peace, vibraphonist and composer Chris Dingman performs a series of five healing sound journeys on August 18-22 for the Reimagine Festival.


Join Chris for an immersive listening experience that many have described as transportive, meditative, and deeply healing. Each journey is special and of the moment.


Click on the links below for tickets and more info.







Chris recorded Peace as he performed it for his father in the final weeks of his life, during his time in home hospice care. The music of Peace sets an atmosphere of calm and compassion, to help soothe, heal, and carry you through life’s challenges.


Following his father’s passing, Chris has gone on to perform healing music for others, and to speak about his experiences, including at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and the Gold Foundation Humanism Summit as part of the Planetree Conference on Person-Centered Care.
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The Release of Peace

Today, Chris celebrates the release of a special project: Peace.

Peace was recorded as it was performed for Chris’s father during his time in hospice care, in the final weeks of his life. This extended album consists of five hours of Chris’s original solo vibraphone music.

He casts an enveloping atmosphere throughout, creating layers of ethereal sounds – poignant melodies, swirling textures, and undulating pedal tones. It’s an immersive listening experience that many have described as transportive, meditative, deeply healing, and transformative.

Click here to visit the album page, to hear the music and read Chris’s full statement about the album.

Embrace in the New York Times

Embrace received a glowing review in the New York Times!

On each of his first two albums, the vibraphonist Chris Dingman made himself an element within his sextet’s prismatic splendor, full of interplay between spiky glistening surfaces — like an El Anatsui work rendered as music. On “Embrace,” his latest album, Dingman cuts the band’s membership in half, and the challenge of building a tapestry falls largely to him. Somehow he rises to it, laying chords atop arpeggios, running across the instrument’s range, all while focusing your ear on the big empty space in the trio’s sound. His study of Indian and West African classical musics has helped to furnish his toolbox, and on “Ali” he pays homage to an inspiration, the Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré, though Dingman’s playing here is as influenced by the sound of the kora, a different West African stringed instrument, as by the guitar.” RUSSONELLO

See the full article here

New Album “Embrace” Releases March 6, 2020

Five years after his critically-acclaimed album The Subliminal and the Sublime, vibraphonist/composer Chris Dingman returns with his much-anticipated follow-up, Embrace. Due out March 6, 2020, the album features Linda May Han Oh on bass and Tim Keiper on drums, produced by Keith Witty.

How can we heal unacknowledged wounds within of ourselves? How can we find creative ways to work with our limitations and embrace new directions? The Embrace project explores these quandaries and more…

You can hear the first track “Inner Child” now and get an instant download when you pre-order the album.

See the album page and listen to the first track here.