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Build for Unity Concert January 28

Build for Unity
Benefit Concert for Habitat for Humanity NYC

Saturday, January 28, 8pm – 10pm

Saint Peter’s Church
619 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10022

Join us for a concert to support Build for Unity, a community and multi-faith collaboration through Habitat for Humanity New York City. Build for Unity brings together people of all colors, creeds and communities to counter intolerance and build homes for local families in need.

In the midst of our current national divisions, when faith and ethnic-based violence makes regular headlines, it’s imperative for us to tell a different story—one of diverse people and communities uniting together in service to others.

In this spirit, we bring together musicians of various traditions and backgrounds to share in an evening of musical celebration, all in an effort to raise funds and awareness for this important Habitat for Humanity initiative.

Melissa Stylianou – vocals
Zafer Tawil – oud, nay, vocals, compositions
Jesse Lewis – guitar
Miriam Elhajli – vocals, guitar, compositions
Chris Dingman – vibraphone, compositions
Ike Sturm – bass, compositions
Zaneta Sykes – percussion

Playing original and traditional music in new and exciting configurations

Free and open to the public, accepting donations for Habitat for Humanity NYC’s Build for Unity program

More About Build for Unity
Check out this video with more information about the launch of the first Build for Unity program at the Sacramento chapter of Habitat for Humanity:

Actors of Sound premieres at LA Film Festival

The feature documentary Actors of Sound, with Dingman’s original score, premieres at the 2016 LA Film Festival on Saturday, June 4. The score is performed by Dingman (marimbas, vibraphone, percussion), Jesse Lewis (acoustic and electric guitars), Bryan Copeland (upright bass), Fabian Almazan (piano and rhodes), and Tomoko Omura (violins), and mixed by Liberty Ellman.

SWR New Jazz Meeting 2015

Chris is taking part in the SWR New Jazz Meeting 2015 at SWR in Baden-Baden, Germany.

This collective of six musicians, directed by Fabian Almazan, developed and recorded new music together for four days at the SWR studio. They will present the music in concerts in southwestern Germany:

Friday, Nov 27
in Karlsruhe at Tollhaus

Saturday, Nov 28
in Tubingen at Sudhaus

Sunday, Nov 29
in Mainz at Frankfurter Hof

Fabian Almazan – piano
Anna Webber – saxophone, flute
Ryan Ferreira – guitar
Chris Dingman – vibraphone
Linda Oh – bass
Henry Cole – drums

See a page all about the collective and meeting, including video and audio, at the SWR Website.

More Rave Reviews

The Subliminal and the Sublime has continued to garner glowing acclaim this fall, this time from Huffington Post, Stereophile, and All About Jazz.

unfolding like a story in a gorgeous legato arc… a sonic gem

– David Adler, Stereophile


Truly one of the year’s finest recordings in any genre
5 stars

– Dave Wayne, All About Jazz


The Subliminal to the Sublime is an “aural feast” to be savored. If you have 60 minutes in your frantic life to dedicate to this music, sit down in your zero gravity recliner with a fine set of quality headphones and allow yourself to be immersed in Mr. Dingman’s images. You will be renewed.

– Ralph Miriello, Huffington Post


Listen to The Subliminal and the Sublime

Rave Reviews for The Subliminal and the Sublime

The Subliminal and the Sublime received glowing reviews this summer from the LA Times, All Music Guide, Downbeat, JazzTimes, Sequenza21, NextBop, Irish Times, NYC Jazz Record, and many others. Here is a sampling of what the press had to say:

as evocative as you might hope

– Chris Barton, Los Angeles Times


purely and simply, a magnificent album

– Dave Lynch, iTunes / All Music Guide


a masterly paced arc of tension and release… Dingman’s layered compositions and intuitive performances successfully achieve his ambition.. it’s a landscape both beautiful and persistently mysterious. We’re compelled to listen, then listen even closer

– Jeff Potter, Downbeat


This album is meticulously assembled in the service of deep emotion. For Dingman, phenomena of the natural world, like crumbling landscapes in Pinnacles National Park, are personal. So are circles of new redwoods that grow from the roots of deceased redwood trees. His achievement, through music, is to make those natural mysteries and renewals personal for us all.

– Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes

There is something more here, something otherworldly, mysterious, almost numinous about Dingman’s approach that make his second release as leader one of the freshest and most unusual sounds to reach these ears this year… Wherever he finds his sound, what is striking is its utter originality.

– Cormac Larkin, Irish Times


a special experience for the listener

– Christian Carey, Sequenza21

The sprawling 62-minute work is compelling from beginning to end.

– Miller Wren, NextBop

Dingman’s suite has much in common thematically with the vivid Americana of Aaron Copland and equally ambitious through-composed music of Pat Metheny and cyclical works of Steve Reich… an airy, cerebrally exciting marvel of a place that rewards with multiple listens.

– Ken Micallef, NYC Jazz Record


Chris Dingman isn’t just a talented jazz vibraphonist: he’s a brilliant tunesmith.

New York Music Daily / Lucid Culture


The Subliminal and The Sublime will lift your spirits, challenging yet reassuring, pulling you in and putting you under its spell.

– Richard Kamins, Step Tempest


It’s a beautiful sonic trip that you should take

– Dave Rodgers, WTJU


Sublime is exactly that—perfectly paced, beautifully performed.

– Frank Alkyer, Downbeat Editor’s Pick


Album Release Party June 26 at The Greene Space at WNYC

To celebrate the launch of The Subliminal and the Sublime, Chris will bring his sextet to the Greene Space at WNYC on Friday, June 26th at 7:00pm, for an exclusive performance of this sweeping 62-minute work in its entirety.

Hosted by Inner Arts Initiative, the evening will also include a conversation with the composer, exploring the connections between music, nature, and the inner search. Bassist/composer Garth Stevenson, internationally acclaimed for his nature-inspired music for film and yoga, will open the event with a brief set.

Commissioned by Chamber Music America, The Subliminal and the Sublime blends jazz, contemporary chamber music, minimalism, and ambient electronica with subliminal layers of pattern and detail inspired by the natural world. It features a sextet of virtuosic performers: Dingman on vibraphone, Loren Stillman on alto sax, Fabian Almazan on piano, guitarist Ryan Ferreira and the bass/drums tandem of Linda Oh and Justin Brown.

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