Five Days of Sound Journeys

Big week next week! Buckling up and getting ready for a 5-day run of live stream sound journeys August 18-22.

Over the past two years or so I’ve started having experiences playing that are similar to a dream-like state. Some people listening have told me they experienced the same, even going through journeys in their minds while it happens. I can’t claim to have the answers or proof of what happens during these experiences. It’s clear to me that the music/experience can bring healing to others. The way this works, however, is a deep mystery, one that I’m continuing to learn more about.

I can’t help but want to explore this much further. So next week is the next step. Five days in a row, one hour or more each day. Let’s see what happens!

This past weekend I played for a small group in a meditative healing modality, and it was a beautiful experience, one that I will always remember. I hope to bring this forward into next week and use this series to find the healing energies that need to be brought out during this time for those who are in attendance.

More info and tickets here

Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love is a Worldwide Virtual Festival taking place from May 1 through September 1 during COVID-19, hosted by Reimagine. This collective effort is bringing communities together to confront illness, dying, grief, fear, and isolation in these challenging and uncertain times.

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