Keith Witty

Why put out albums? It’s a question that comes to mind especially after you put out an album or two. It’s a lot of work and investment. And there is no guarantee of anything happening as a result. I was in this mindset about recording when I started putting together the music for a vibraphone-led trio that ended up becoming Embrace. I had done a few performances, but had no real plan in mind to record the music…yet.

Enter my dear friend Keith Witty. Keith and I go way back – I met him when I was 18. He was the mature and experienced senior and I was the wee freshman at Wesleyan University. I was playing drums at the time. I remember jamming with him in a basement somewhere on campus, and after we finished playing one tune, Keith said “we’ve got work to do for sure.” Unafraid to tell it like it is. But always in a measured way. That’s Keith – or as some of his friends call him, The Neef.

Fast forward to March, 2017. I had done a few performances of my new trio music, and was offered a date at The Owl Music Parlor. I asked Keith to play along with our fellow Wesleyan alum Tim Keiper. We had a blast, and after the gig, Keith started asking me “when are you going to record this?” – to which I would respond with the answer: “ummm…”. Eventually, he took a stronger approach – “can we please make your record now??”

Keith convinced me to take action. I would have done something with the music at some point, but now in retrospect, it might not have happened before everything else that went down over the past couple years. Keith’s positive pressure and camaraderie was what I needed. And as a producer he was an invaluable resource in the studio and throughout the production process, helping me make all kinds of decisions and feel grounded about it all. That objective source of keeping it real and telling it like it is, all in the coolest Neefly kind of way. So here’s to Keith Witty, and all of his amazing help making Embrace happen. I am super grateful for you, the Neef!!! Thank you thank you thank you.

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