Presentation about Music at the Gold Foundation Humanism Summit

Chris will be speaking about his “Peace” project at the Gold Foundation Humanism Summit, focused on humanism in medicine, and will be performing solo, all as part of the Planetree Conference on Person-Centered Care, in Orlando, FL, October 27-29.

“Peace” is a performance and recording project by vibraphonist Chris Dingman, intended for therapeutic use in palliative and hospice care as well as in treatment and rehabilitative environments. The music comprises 5+ hours of solo vibraphone music, which was recorded as it was performed for his own father during his time in home hospice care in June 2018. The music of “Peace” sets an atmosphere of calm and compassion, to help people feel happier, more peaceful, and less alone, especially during the physical and emotional pain and discomfort of end-of-life and other difficult experiences.

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